Exam Reflection Questions-

  1. Question 1: One of the most significant comments that a fellow student has made, was by Alexander Westerlund on the Death of the American Dream. He said “Today in society everyone has it so good coming into this world, the advancements in technology are blinding that nobody really knows how to be social anymore and have the urge to be the best that they can be. Back in mid to late 1900s there was no social media to be able to see the celebrities lifestyles that everyone so craves. I think that now everyone sees the good lifestyles from popular people they see it from them but not them selves and its just tearing everyone down. But the thing is people don’t even realize it. Anyone can do anything they want to if they apply themselves…” I really like this comment because it’s so real and a breathe of fresh air I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way.
  2. The most significant thing I have learned during this course is that our economic system is changing and that it is destroying certain aspects of life that we used to cherish. I also learned that the american dream is indeed deteriorating. I also learned that the economic curve is changing and the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting more poor, while the middle class is slowly ceasing to exist.
  3. Over the next 10 to 20 years the biggest challenge I see society facing is corporations trying to rule over the government, and corporations buying out their competitors to build monopolies. The system needs to change by regulating how much companies can actually charge people for certain services. We need to create a healthy competition market again where competitors are not doing predatory pricing and then driving there competitors out of competition and then buying them out.