Update Feb 19

Update Feb 19:  Hi folks, well this has been a real lesson for me this semester. What’s the lesson you ask? Don’t make 3 major innovations/experiments in the course at the same time, especially when it wasn’t clear I’d teach the class until a few weeks before semester started.   Here’s where we are:

  • I just posted a description of the readings for topic 5 which we should be discussing this week.  Reminder: you can respond and comment either by clicking “reply” to that post, OR you can create a new post directly from the front page of the website, OR if you’ve gotten started on your blog and have a longer thought to post, you can post it there.
  • If you  ever miss what or forget what the readings are for a particular topic/week, there’s a page that has all of them for the semester. It’s available from both the Required Readings and What To Do tabs on the menu.  Go to those menu items and click on the Topics, Readings, Schedule Plan.
  • The Topics, Readings, Schedule Plan list of readings for the rest of the semester is shaping up. Much of it is already listed and I’m actively working on filling in the rest as fast as I can. It would still be useful to discuss these various readings during the time frames listed, but by  knowing what’s coming you can read ahead or read on topics that are related to what your book project will be.
  • Expect a post in the next day or so with more detail about what’s expected for your blog posts & project.  In a nutshell, use your blog to make some longer, more thoughtful posts on topics of special interest to you.  I suggest thinking of them as posts that help you refine your thinking leading up to your project.
  • Finally, I know this is an online course and most of you can’t get to campus easily, but IF you can, you may want to check out these four dates.  I’m giving public lectures/discussions at the Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 252.02 – upstairs from the Commons). All LCC students and staff are welcome. I have four topics left this semester and they correspond to topics we’ll discuss in the course.  If you can’t come, I’ll be including my presentation slides and blog posts along with our readings like I did for Death of American Dream.
    • Weds, Feb 22,  10 am – Role of Big Government, Big Agriculture, Big Food
    • Weds March 22,  12noon – Immigration Myths Debunked
    • Tues, April 11, 10 am – Crony Capitalism
    • Tues, April 25, 12 noon – Social Security, Medicare & Obamacare Myths Debunked


Topic 5 Readings

For topic 5, we’re going to take a look at Trade, Globalization, and Corporatism.

I’ve assembled 4 readings to start. You are, of course, welcome to discover other articles on your own and bring them to our discussion.  Read a description plus links below the fold…

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